Ocean Industries inks life extension deal for Canadian Coast Guard’s vessel

The Government of Canada has awarded a contract to Ocean Industries Inc. for the vessel life extension of CCGS Griffon.

Canadian Coast Guard

Scheduled to take place from June 2025 to October 2026, the vessel life extension work entails refurbishing and repairing the main propulsion motors, the steering gear system, the four main propulsion generators, and the main emergency switchboards.

Other new equipment installations include a new stores crane, a new mast, a new propulsion control system, a set of propellers, an oily water separator, boilers, HVAC units, a sewage treatment plant, and various piping replacements, all of which will increase the vessel’s operational life and maintain its safety and reliability.

The contract is valued at approximately $44 million.

CCGS Griffon is a high-endurance, multi-tasked vessel that performs light icebreaking and navigational buoy-tending operations, which are essential to keeping our waters open and safe for marine traffic and the movement of goods and services.

The vessel primarily performs these duties in the Great Lakes, the St. Lawrence Seaway, and Atlantic Canada. In addition, the vessel is available for search and rescue and other emergency response operations when needed.

This contract awards fall under the repair, refit and maintenance pillar of the National Shipbuilding Strategy, which is helping to ensure that Canada has a safe and reliable fleet of ships to serve and protect Canadians for years to come.

“With the National Shipbuilding Strategy, we are making sure the Canadian Coast Guard has the equipment and tools they need to carry out its important work,  while providing social and economic benefits across the country. This contract with Ocean Industries Inc. will extend the life of the CCGS Griffon while creating and maintaining up to 50 jobs in Quebec,” Jean-Yves Duclos, Minister of Public Services and Procurement

“By winning the contract to extend the life of the CCGS Griffon, after having obtained that of the CCGS Martha Black in June 2023, Ocean Industries Inc. confirms the importance of its expertise in maintaining the Canadian Coast Guard fleet. With our three shipyards along the St. Lawrence River, our desire is to be more fully part of the National Shipbuilding Strategy and to support the federal government in maintaining its existing fleet, as well as in the construction of new small and medium ships,” Jacques Tanguay, President and CEO, Groupe Océan Inc.