VIDEO: US Navy’s Virginia-class submarine Massachusetts launched

US Navy’s Virginia-class submarine Massachusetts (SSN 798) has been launched into the James River at HHI’s Newport News Shipbuilding (NNS) division.

Massachusetts SSN 798 Roll out to FDD; Photo: HHI

As informed, shipbuilders transferred the submarine from a construction facility to the floating dry dock, where it was later submerged and moved by tugboats to a submarine pier at the shipyard for final outfitting, testing and crew certification.

View on Youtube.

“Following the christening of this mighty submarine in May, witnessing Massachusetts launch into the river is a source of immense pride for our shipbuilding team,” said Jason Ward, NNS vice president of Virginia-class submarine construction.

“We understand the importance of Massachusetts, and we will continue to execute with purpose to bring this important national security asset to life and deliver it to the Navy.” 

Virginia-class nuclear-powered fast attack submarines are built for a broad spectrum of open-ocean and littoral missions to replace the navy’s Los Angeles-class submarines as they are retired. 

Virginia-class submarines incorporate dozens of new technologies and innovations that increase firepower, maneuverability and stealth to significantly enhance their warfighting capabilities.

These submarines are capable of supporting multiple mission areas and can operate at speeds of more than 25 knots, according to HHI.

Massachusetts is the 25th Virginia-class submarine and will be the 12th delivered by NNS, which is one of only two shipyards capable of designing and building nuclear-powered submarines for the U.S. Navy.