PHOTO+VIDEO: Taiwan’s first homegrown submarine hits the water

Taiwan’s first domestically grown submarine Hai Kun (SS-711) was launched on February 27, to undergo sea acceptance tests, according to Taiwan’s shipbuilder CSBC Corporation.

Credit: CSBC Corporation

During the floating operation, CSBC carefully planned and coordinated various cooperation matters, including multi-functional heavy-duty truck, CITIC No. 8 floating dock and several tugboats in the port area.

This was supported by tugboats, Marine Corps patrol boats, and divers from the Underwater Operations Group. 

CSBC Corporation

The Hong Kong Police Department also dispatched a harbor patrol boat. The shipyard will adjust the power systems such as batteries and main engines and carry out port testing (HAT) in the dry dock before entering the next stage of sea testing (SAT).

“Our company, the Navy and the Chinese Academy of Sciences will complete the inspections and tests one by one under safety and quality requirements to achieve the target of ship delivery,” CSBC noted.

Watch the float of Taiwan’s indigenous submarine Hai Kun here.