Chess Dynamics’ surveillance systems picked for Australia’s Hunter-class frigates

UK-based surveillance and fire control provider Chess Dynamics has been awarded a contract by BAE Systems Maritime Australia to supply its SeaEagle FCEO surveillance systems for the first batch of the Royal Australian Navy’s (RAN) Hunter-class frigates.

Chess Dynamics

The SeaEagle FCEO system will be integrated into the Hunter-class frigates’ combat management system, providing the crew with a single, intuitive interface.

The system can also share information with other ships and assets in the fleet, to enhance the RAN’s overall maritime situational awareness.

The system will provide the RAN with a surveillance capability for the detection, tracking, and identification of surface and air targets as part of the Hunter-class frigate program. The tracking data is expected to allow passive targeting for the weapon systems, reducing overall operator burden.

“We are delighted to have been selected by BAE Systems Maritime Australia to provide our SeaEagle FCEO surveillance systems for the RAN’s Hunter class frigates,” said David Tuddenham, Group Managing Director of Chess Dynamics.

“…We are confident that it will provide the RAN with the capability it needs to operate effectively in increasingly demanding maritime environments.”

The SeaEagle FCEO system will provide the navy’s fleet with the capability it needs to operate effectively in a modern maritime environment. It is equipped with an advanced daylight camera, a high-resolution infrared camera, and an eye-safe laser rangefinder.

The technology also features a software suite that provides a comprehensive picture of the maritime environment.

The SeaEagle FCEO has been selected for integration into several global naval programs, including the Royal Navy’s Type 26 frigates, on which the Hunter class frigates have been designed. 

To remind, BAE Systems received a £3.7 billion contract in 2017 for the construction of the first three vessels. 

The Hunter-class ships will have an 8,800-tonne full load displacement and will be approximately 150 meters long.

They will be equipped with advanced anti-submarine warfare (ASW) capability, a 24-cell strike length Mk 41 VLS for long-range strike weapons such as the Tomahawk, a vertical launch silo (VLS) for Sea Ceptor anti-air missiles, a 5-inch gun, and will be capable of landing a Chinook helicopter on its flight deck.

The expected time frame for the first of the Australian Navy’s Hunter-class frigates is 2031, according to Australia’s government officials.

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