US Navy takes delivery of fleet replenishment oiler USNS Earl Warren

John Lewis-class fleet replenishment oiler USNS Earl Warren (T-AO 207) was delivered to the U.S. Navy on May 7, 2024.

US Navy

As informed, delivery follows the successful completion of integrated sea trials to test the readiness and capability of the ship and to validate requirements.

“Delivery of the third ship in the class will bring more refueling capability directly to the fleet, including replenishment underway capacity,” said John Lighthammer, program manager, Auxiliary and Special Mission Shipbuilding Program Office.

The John Lewis-class ships are based on commercial design standards and will recapitalize the current T-AO 187-class fleet replenishment oilers to provide underway replenishment of fuel to U.S. Navy ships at sea. These ships are part of the navy’s Combat Logistics Force.

General Dynamics NASSCO constructed the vessel. The shipbuilder is also in production on future T-AOs USNS Robert F. Kennedy (T-AO 208), USNS Lucy Stone (T-AO 209) and USNS Sojourner Truth (T-AO 210).

Future TAOs USNS Thurgood Marshall (T-AO 211), USNS Ruth Bader Ginsburg (T-AO 212), and USNS Harriet Tubman (T-AO 213) are under contract.