Kongsberg, partners to develop Norwegian and German super-sonic strike missile 

Norwegian tech company Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace and its German partners Diehl Defence and MBDA Deutschland have teamed up to develop the future Norwegian and German super-sonic strike missile known as 3SM Tyrfing.


The Norwegian government announced this initiative in November 2023 and the industry team now entered into a partnership agreement.

This partnership, led by Kongsberg, combines the strengths of these companies and brings together decades of missile development experience to create this long-distance, maneuverable super-sonic strike missile for Norwegian and German customers as well as allied customers in the future. 

The team will work closely with the Norwegian and German Defense Forces as well as their national research organizations to define and develop this long-range strike capability designed to meet future surface threats.

“I am so impressed with the depth and capabilities in this team. I look forward to cooperating with Diehl Defence and MBDA Deutschland and combining our teams’ knowledge and expertise to develop 3SM for both of our nations,” said Eirik Lie, President of Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace.

“As we have seen over the last 2 years, stand-off weapons are crucial for credible deterrence and defence. Joining forces between our companies will strengthen the Norwegian, German and European armed forces improving the defence of our home nations,” Thomas Gottschild, Managing Director of MBDA Deutschland, said.

“We are proud having established a team of the best experts of our companies, who complement each other, trust each other and contribute their individual knowledge and skills. Together, we will develop a game changer with 3SM that none of us could develop on our own,” stated Helmut Rauch, CEO of Diehl Defence.