Chief of Naval Operations Visits Russia

Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Adm. Gary Roughead visited Russia to meet with members of the Russian Navy and further improve international maritime relationships, April 13-18.

As the first CNO to visit Russia since 1996, Roughead met with his counterpart, Adm. Vladimir Vysotskiy, commander-in-chief of the Russian Federation Navy, was the keynote speaker at Kuznetsov Naval Academy and toured Russian Federation Navy ships.

“We are two navies that support the global interests of our nations, we’re two navies that operate on the very highest levels of technology, we’re two navies that understand the importance of the sea and how important the seas are to our prosperity and to our peace,” said Roughead.

CNO said continued cooperation with the Russian navy is an essential piece of the maritime strategy and serves as an opportunity for new sailors, from both navies, to grow up together in their naval careers.

“I have watched the Russian Federation Navy for many years,” Roughead said. “I have always been impressed by the professionalism of their Sailors and the great spirit that the Russian navy has in serving its country.”

In St. Petersburg, Roughead spoke to naval officers attending the Kuznetsov Naval Academy about the value of military education and its influence on operational readiness. He also expressed the important role the graduates will have as they move on in their naval careers.

“I look forward to more cooperation between our navies where leaders like you can leverage the benefits of our interconnectedness and advance the interests we hold in common,” said Roughead.

CNO also visited Severomorsk where he toured the Russian Federation Navy nuclear-powered cruiser Pyotr Velikiy and the Sierra-class submarine Project 945A K-534.

Tiffini Jones Vanderwyst (navy)
Source: Navy, April 22, 2011;