Russia: Defense-Oriented Company to Supply Mistral Class Landing Ships With Radioelectronics


Reportedly, a defense-oriented company located in Omsk (Russia) would probably supply Mistral class landing ships with radioelectronics.

Russian defense ministry recommended products of the Omsk Instrument Engineering Institute for Mistral class helicopter carriers planned to be bought from France.

The point is HF digital radio receiver which will provide ships with highly reliable communications. As was earlier reported, France refused to deliver standard electronic systems typical for Mistral ships to Russia. In their turn, Russian scientists are ready to equip the helicopter carriers with secure communications.

“Through the recent 5 years our products and innovations have been widely used by special services; in particular, defense ministry purchase narrow-band receivers”, told the institute’s chief designer Madhad Valeyev.
Source: rusnavy, June 17, 2011;