Iran Completes Three Large Military Projects


Iran declared three large military projects had been completed. The presentation of new achievements was associated with Iranian Defense Industry Day and attended by the president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and defense minister Ahmad Vahidi.

Presentation of missile Ghader (stands for “mighty”), torpedo Ajdar (“dragon”), and warship’s powerplant was held during the ceremony, reports ITAR-TASS. According to Iranian television, sea- and coastal-based missile Ghader has firing range of up to 200 km and is designed for destruction of enemy’s sea targets and coastal objects.

Submarine-based torpedo Ajdar has a weight of 220 kg, is capable to destroy large-size sea targets and can be used in any weather conditions at shallow and deep waters.

Powerplant for warships Bonyan-1 is the first development of such kind in Iranian defense industry.

Appearing at the ceremony, Ahmad Vahdidi said Iran had achieved self-reliance in arms construction. At present, Iranian defense industry produces 233 items of arms and military equipment, emphasized the minister.

Source: rusnavy, August 26, 2011;