Russia: PF Ships Not Involved in Shark Hunting


Specialists and ships dispatched to hunt a rapacious shark hitting people in Primorsky Krai are quite enough; no Pacific Fleet (PF) assets are involved.

“Nine fishing vessels are engaged in shark-hunting off Primorsky Krai. Professional fishermen work on those ships. Ten motorboats operate in monitoring mode. They do not need any additional aid. Recently released information that PF ships were allegedly involved in the shark search is in contrary to fact”, said representative of the shark-hunting coordination center on Aug 31.

Pacific Fleet HQ also confuted this information. “Warships carry out activities of the summer training program. No instructions were received for that matter”, said the PF spokesman.

Reportedly, the shark three times attacked people on Aug 17, 18, and 27 off Primorsky Krai south coast. Two residents of Vladivostok of the age of 25 and 16 years old and one 26-year old native of Slavianka suffered from the shark’s teeth. The first two sufferers are in hospital, the third is at home under medical supervision, reports Interfax.

Source: rusnavy, September 1, 2011;