Black Sea Fleet Large Landing Ship Caesar Kunikov Returns to Sevastopol, Ukraine


Summer activation of Black Sea joint task group BLACKSEAFOR headed by Russian Navy’s representative Capt 1 rank Yury Zemsky finished on Aug 29 in Bulgarian port Varna. During the exercise warships of Black Sea states carried out a number of humanitarian drills.

Besides, Bulgarian, Russian, Romanian, Turkish, and Ukrainian warships improved practical skills in joint maneuvering, search operations, repelling of small-size targets’ attacks, and communications.

BLACKSEAFOR ships paid formal calls at ports of Novorossiysk (Russia), Trabzon (Turkey), and Varna (Bulgaria).

Black Sea Fleet (BSF) large landing ship Caesar Kunikov on Aug 30 returned to Sevastopol.

The next Russian-led BLACKSEAFOR activation is scheduled in spring 2012.

Source: rusnavy, September 2, 2011;