Russia: Almaz Shipyard Launches Project 12200 Sobol 2nd Rank Patrol Boat


Launching ceremony of Project 12200 Sobol 2nd rank patrol boat (hull number 213) was held on Sept 1 at JSC Almaz Marine Plant. It is the third vessel of this project launched in 2011. The ceremony was conducted routinely because it was 14th Sobol-class boat built by Almaz shipyard. Despite the standard event, huge number of shipwrights came to watch the launching process. An old maritime tradition to smash a bottle of champagne at ship’s hull was fulfilled as well.

Honorable role of the ship’s sponsor was entrusted to engineer Marina Grishina working in one of the shipyard departments. In several minutes floating crane easily took the hull of new Sobol up and softly put it into Neva River at the outfitting quay. The boat is going to pass all trials and join Russian FSB Coast Guard by the end of Sept. Sobol-class boat with hull number 213 is meant to serve in the Black Sea.

Hull and bulkhead are built of high-tensile aluminum alloy. All equipment and materials fully conform to the best world standards used in fast-speed boats construction. The boat is equipped with bow and aft automatically-controlled spoilers improving performance and increasing speed.


Displacement, t 57

Length overall, m 27.96

Breadth overall, m 4.4

Depth to upper deck, m 3.27

Speed maximal, knots 47

Range at speed of 40 knots, n.miles 500

Fuel tanks capacity, t 6.8

Accomodation for 2 officers & 4 rating

Hull and superstructure aluminium alloy

Source: rusnavy, September 5, 2011;