Russian Navy Acquires AS-39 Consul


Acceptance certificate of 3rd rank autonomous deep-sea submersible AS-39 Consul was signed on Sept 9 in the conference hall of Admiralteyskie Verfi shipyard.

Participants of the acceptance ceremony were developers from Malakhit design bureau, members of the state acceptance board headed by Vice Admiral Yury Kurganov, representatives of Russian Navy – Hero of Russia Vice Admiral Alexei Burilichev and officers aquanauts from the AS-39 crew, representatives of associate contractors – Zvezdochka shipyard, Shtil research institute, NPO Avrora, Okeanpribor, Almaz Design Bureau, Ministry of Natural Resources, etc.

The ceremony was presided by Alexander Buzakov, acting Director General of JSC Admiralteyskie Verfi.

Chairman of the state acceptance board Vice Admiral Yury Kurganov opened the ceremony. He congratulated the participants on commissioning of Consul into Russian Navy and signed the acceptance certificate.

Appearing at the ceremony Vice Admiral Alexei Burilichev, deputy director of Federal Subsurface Use Agency Andrei Morozov, Director General of Malakhit design bureau Vladimir Dorofeyev, acting Director General of JSC Admiralteyskie Verfi Alexander Buzakov also pointed out the significance of successful termination of state trials and commissioning of the unique manned submersible. They expressed willingness to continue construction of such ocean-exploring hardware in order to fulfill state objectives.

In the end of the ceremony, everyone wished Consul long and effective service.


3rd rank autonomous deep-sea submersible AS-39 Consul is designed for search, examination, and video filming of underwater objects; descending and lifting of equipment with the mass up to 200 kg; conducting of underwater works by means of manipulator system; examination and video filming of sunken ships by tethered unmanned submersible.

Weight of AS-39 Consul deep-sea submersible is 26 tons, length is 8.4 meters, beam is 3.9 meters, full displacement is 38.6 tons, speed is 3 knots, test depth is 6,000 meters, diving time to depth lim it is 3-4.5 hours, endurance is 12 hours (at least 3 hours at depth lim it), crew is 2-3 men.

Source: rusnavy, September 14, 2011;