Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard Builds Missile Boat Gayratly for Turkmenistan



Having successfully passed sea trials, Project 12418 missile boat Gayratly (hull number 829, serial number 218) in the nearest days will leave outfitting quay of JSC Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard and head for Turkmenistan via internal waterways.

First missile boat of this project – Edermen (hull number 828, serial number 217) – left the yard early in Sept after effective state trial program and has already arrived to Astrakhan.

Both missile boats were built under Russian-Turkmenian military technical cooperation program. The contract was signed in 2008, and Sredne-Nevsky shipyard won the tender. First boat was laid down in the shipyard’s slipway in March 2009, the second – in June. The boats were launched in Aug 2010 and May 2011 respectively. Both vessels will be based at the port of Turkmenbashi (former Krasnovodsk).

Basic characteristics of Project 12418 missile boat
Displacement: full – 510 tons, standard – 450 tons;
Dimensions: length – 56.9 meters, beam – 10.2 meters, draft – 2.4 meters;
Max speed – 40 knots;
Fuel range at 12 knots – 2,300 nautical miles;
Endurance – 10 days;
Propulsion plant – 23,540-kW (32,015 shp) gas turbine GGTA M-15E.1;
Armament: 4 quadruple Uran-E antiship missile launchers (combat load – 16 antiship missiles 3M24E, guidance system – 3R-60UE), 1×76-mm gun mount AK-176M (combat load – 152 rounds), 2×30-mm gun mount AK-630M (combat load – 4,000 rounds), 12 MANPADS Igla;
Crew – about 40 men.

Source: rusnavy, September 27, 2011