Norwegian Military Delegation Visits NF



Northern Fleet (NF) Commander Vice Admiral Vladimir Korolev met with deputy chief of Norwegian main operational command Maj. Gen. Morten Lunde during the visit of Norwegian military delegation to Russia’s Northern Fleet, told NF Information Support Group to Central Navy Portal.

The parties held a protocol meeting and discussed issues of Russian-Norwegian naval interaction in Arctic region and provisional plans of bilateral cooperation including traditional Russian-Norwegian joint exercise Pomor.

Norwegian delegation thanked NF command for eventful program. In the first day Norwegian officers visited marine camp Sputnik. Servicemen of NF 61st Marine Regiment held demonstration drill with use of artillery fire and deck-based fighters Su-33. Guests were shown arms and assets of the fleet’s coastal troops. Norwegian servicemen were offered to check their skills by firing Makarov guns, Kalashnikov rifles and machineguns.

The second day started with the visit to Severomorsk-3 air base where Norwegian guests watched ASW aircrafts Il-38 and helicopters Ka-27PL, deck-based fighters Su-33.

The Norwegian delegation also had a chance to attend NF Naval Aviation Museum in Safonovo and board NF large ASW ship Admiral Levchenko.

NF mariners and Norwegian naval servicemen are tied with long-standing partnership relations resulting in numerous joint activities. The largest one is the Pomor Russian-Norwegian joint exercise which has become regular now. It was held in the Barents, the Norwegian, and the North seas. Russia delegated NF large ASW ship Severomorsk in 2010 and NF large ASW ship Vice Admiral Kulakov in May 2011.

The visit of Norwegian military delegation to Northern Fleet finished on Sept 28.

Source: rusnavy, September 29, 2011