Black Sea Fleet Large Landing Ship Caesar Kunikov Visits Greece


Black Sea Fleet (BSF) large landing ship Caesar Kunikov called at Greek port Corfu on Oct 7, told Black Sea Fleet Information Support Group to Central Navy Portal.

Upon arrival to the port, cruise commander Capt 2 rank Sergei Zvyagin and the ship’s commanding officer Capt 2 rank Sergei Larchuk paid traditional courtesy visits to local naval commander, city authorities, port administration and police.

Visiting Corfu, Russian crew will participate in Russian Week festival, attend liturgy in St. Spyridon Church and sacred procession to the monument of Greece’s first president Ioannis Kapodistrias to lay wreaths. Then the procession will move towards monument to Admiral Fedor Ushakov where Russian mariners are going to lay wreath as well. Later on, they take part in opening ceremony of a bas-relief to Ushakov; that famed Russian naval leader liberated Greek island Corfu from foreign invaders in 1798-1799.

Crewmen of Caesar Kunikov will have eventful cultural program and coach tours around the city.

Three days Russian warship will be opened for public; in the night of Oct 9 BSF musicians and dancers will give a concert at Corfu central square.

Visit of the Russian ship to Corfu will finish on Oct 10.

Source: rusnavy, October 10, 2011