Russia: Pacific Fleet Task Unit Starts Escorting of First Convoy


Upon termination of preparatory phase, Pacific Fleet (PF) task unit led by large ASW ship Admiral Panteleyev started escorting of the first convoy.

Admiral Panteleyev and salvage tug Fotiy Krylov are escorting the first convoy consisting of nine merchant ships under different flags. The convoy moves through a special safety corridor towards Bab el Mandeb Strait.

Russian mariners paid friendly visit to Cambodian port Sihanoukville under way to the Horn of Africa.

That was the first visit of our warship to Cambodia in the Russia’s recent history; the visit was associated with 55th anniversary of Russian-Cambodian diplomatic relations. When visiting Cambodia, PF servicemen paid visits to local administration, port authority, and residence of Cambodian naval base command; a number of cultural and sport activities were held as well.

This is the sixth PF task unit attending international anti-piracy and convoy-security mission in the Gulf of Aden. In 2009, Admiral Panteleyev headed the second PF task unit keeping anti-piracy watch near Africa.

Source: rusnavy, October 12, 2011