Russian-American Exercise Enters Active Phase

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Russian-American naval anti-terror exercise Pacific Eagle 2011 with participation of Pacific Fleet (PF) task unit started on Oct 13 off Mariana Islands and on Oct 14 entered active phase.

Warships of US Navy and Russia’s Pacific Fleet started joint anti-piracy drills. According to scenario, search teams from American destroyer are supposed to inspect Russian tanker Irkut, and Russian marines in their turn will board USS Fitzgerald “captured” by pirates.

Also, participants will hold artillery firings at a surface target, semaphore and light communications drills.

Recall that joint US-Russian exercise is attended by Pacific Fleet (PF) flagship Guard missile cruiser Varyag and intermediate ocean-going tanker Irkut. American side is represented by guided missile destroyers USS McCampbell and USS Fitzgerald.

PF task unit will lay a course for Vancouver on Oct 15.

Source: rusnavy, October 17, 2011