Russian, Norwegian Navies to Conduct Joint Exercise in 2012


In 2012, Russian and Norwegian armed forces will significantly increase number and intensity of joint training activities, said Chief of Russian General Staff Gen Nikolai Makarov at the press conference on Oct 11.

“We agreed to continue joint exercises between Northern Fleet and Norwegian Navy in the next year. In particular, crew-rescue activities over damaged submarines and surface ships”, Makarov said summarizing the first round of negotiations with Gen Harald Sunde, Norwegian Army’s Chief of Staff.

According to Makarov, a number of joint training activities will be conducted in 2012 between Russia’s Western Military District and Norwegian Land Force.

In addition, the parties discussed issues of missile defense deployment in Europe, joint establishment of demilitarized zone in Arctic, and fishery problems in the Barents Sea. “We also touched upon matters of security in Europe considering recent events in North Africa and Middle East”, Makarov added.

In his turn, Gen Sunde said he was glad it would be possible to develop cooperation not only between Russia’s Northern Fleet and Norwegian Navy but among other branches like land troops and air forces.

Source: rusnavy, October 17, 2011