Russian, American Warships Complete Anti-Terror Exercise


Crews of Russian and American warships acted out about ten real episodes of the Pacific Eagle 2011 anti-terror exercise held off Mariana Islands, reports RIA Novosti referring to Pacific Fleet (PF) Commander’s press secretary Capt 1 rank Roman Martov.

The exercise was carried out in Oct 13-15. Russia was represented by PF flagship Guard missile cruiser Varyag, tanker Irkut, and seagoing salvage tug. US Navy delegated two guided missile destroyers USS McCampbell and USS Fitzgerald.

“On Oct 15, after completion of joint maneuvering drills, ships of both countries closed the exercise and headed abreast with crews paraded on decks. Both American destroyers laid course for home base Guam, PF task unit headed for Canada to visit the port of Vancouver”, pointed out the interviewee.

According to him, during the 3-day long anti-terror exercise Russian and American mariners had effectively conducted over ten various scenarios under the program of maneuvers, including gun firing drills.

“The exercise plan comprised all real episodes of a maritime anti-terror operation. Servicemen of both countries acted jointly and displayed mutual understanding and proficiency”, Martov said.

He recalled that on the first day of the exercise Russian and American sailors had held joint maneuvering drills. After dark they exchanged light signals; such drills help to interact in any time of the day.

Active phase started in the morning of Oct 14. Search teams from USS McCampbell pursued, stopped, and inspected Russian tanker Irkut. In their turn, Russian marines held crew-release operation. They boarded USS Fitzgerald “captured” by pirates. Then participants conducted joint gun firings at sea surface targets”, Martov said.

In Sept 25-30 PF task unit visited Japanese port of Maizuru (Honshu Island). After the visit, Russian servicemen held joint search-and-rescue exercise along with Japanese colleagues.

The unit had arrived at Mariana Island on Oct 9. After visiting Apra Harbor, Russian ships took part in the Pacific Eagle joint anti-terror exercise which had become the closing phase of the visit.

Source: rusnavy, October 19, 2011