Russian Navy’s Delegation Participates in 20th International Seapower Symposium


Russian Navy’s delegation headed by its Commander-in-Chief Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky participated in 20th International Seapower Symposium held in Newport (USA), reports Govorit Moskva Radio referring to a spokesman for the Navy.

The symposium was attended by 115 navy commanders and 22 coast guard chiefs from various countries. The participants discussed issues of maritime security.

Russian Navy’s commander ADM Vladimir Vysotsky met with US Chief of Naval Operations ADM J. Greenert. The commanders talked over anti-piracy issues, sea rescue cooperation, participation of Russian warships in the Pacific Eagle exercise, and development of criminality-preventive cooperation at sea.

Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky also met with Britain’s First Sea Lord ADM M. Stanhope and discussed coming FRUKUS 2012 joint exercise, mutual visits of delegations and ship calls.

During the symposium, Vladimir Vysotsky talked about cooperation between Russian and Indian navies with his Indian counterpart ADM N. Verma.

With Royal Canadian Navy Commander, Vysotsky discussed matters of national security in Arctic, common approaches to “northern problems”, and anti-piracy activities.

Results of 20th International Seapower Symposium will be summarized and reported to Russian defense minister.

Source: rusnavy, October 28, 2011