USA: Chief of Naval Operations Speaks to Chiefs’ Mess


Chief of Naval Operations Speaks to Chiefs' Mess

Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Jonathan Greenert delivered remarks at the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy’s (MCPON) Leadership Mess Symposium for flag level senior enlisted leadership from all across the globe, Oct. 25.

CNO took the opportunity to speak with master chiefs about today’s operational and fiscal landscape in the Pentagon, his priorities, vision and tenets in his Sailing Directions and about being judicious with the Navy’s resources.

You’ve got to be ready and make sure that you organize, train and equip your Navy to do today’s mission today,” said Greenert. “We’ve got to be ready and we can’t be hollow.

Greenert went on to highlight the importance of building the Navy of the future and the importance of cultivating a force of motivated and diverse Sailors and Navy civilians.

The CNO also reviewed his tenets and how he would like Sailors to look at future decisions during naval strategic planning. Greenert explained in detail his three tenets, warfighting first, operate forward and be ready.

This is how I want you to look at it,” said Greenert. “These are things [tenets] to use when a problem comes up.

And finally, Greenert expressed the importance of being judicious as leaders and always using sound judgment during the financial decision-making process.

“I want everyone to open their eyes and ask, can we afford to keep doing this and is this the right way to use people, time and money?” said Greenert.

After CNO’s remarks the event concluded with a discussion on current and future Navy issues that the mess raised.

The interaction with the CNO was inspiring,” said Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON)(SS/SW) Rick D. West. “It was great for the team to hear from him in person.”

MCPON’s Leadership Mess Symposium hosts many top naval officials to conduct training on a variety of topics that aid in streamlining communication throughout the Navy’s senior enlisted leadership.

Source: navy, October 28, 2011