Russia Develops New Fast-Speed Patrol Boat


New multipurpose fast-speed river-sea class patrol boat Lider-17 has been created by Euroyachting group. Experimental prototype was presented at 15th international exhibition Interpolitekh-2011 closed on Oct 28 in Moscow.

According to Valery Volodin, Euroyachting group Director General, the boat was launched late in Aug 2011 and is presently passing trials. Lider-17 can be used as patrol, pilot, search-and-rescue or pleasure boat in inland waters and littoral sea zones at wind force 5 (Beaufort scale) day and night in ice-free waters.

The boat was built by Rybinskaya Verf shipyard and has a high-strength and well-navigable hull. It is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy 1561.

Currently, the boat participates in the EMERCOM tender for patrol craft and – according to designers – has good chance to win it. EMERCOM operates 4 multipurpose firefighting rescue boats Lider-12M also produced by Euroyachting.

The new version inherited from Lider-12M boat some features like perfect stability. It cannot be turned over, since it returns afloat from any position.

The boat is powered by water-jet propulsor consisting of two 1,100-shp water jets KaMeWa FF41 produced by Rolls-Royce.

The boat’s length is 18.5 meters, beam is 16.75 meters, draft is 0.7 meters, max speed is 48 knots, operational range is 600 miles, endurance is 5 days, crew is 2 men. In addition, the boat can accommodate 8 passengers.

Source: rusnavy, November 02, 2011;