NF Submarines to Improve Russian Navy’s Capability to Protect National Economic Activities in Arctic



Commissioning of new submarines into Northern Fleet will improve Russian Navy’s capability to protect national economic activities in Arctic, reported RIA Novosti on Nov 8 referring to a source in Russian Navy Main HQ.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin stated on Nov 8 that Russian submarine force at the Northern Sea Route would be increased. According to Putin, it is Russia’s one of the top-priority maritime shipping routes.

“Buildup of submarine force along Northern Sea Route will improve the Navy’s capability to protect national economic activities in the region, and continue traditions of under-ice passages”, said the source in the Navy.

According to him, naval aviation’s role in patrolling and ice reconnaissance will be strengthened as well. Besides, the source added that development of submarine force in Arctic had direct connection with Russia’s plans to shape a military command there. Defense minister Anatoly Serdiukov early in July announced intentions to deploy two brigades in order to protect national interests in Arctic.

Source: rusnavy, November 10, 2011;