JMSDF Ships Arrive at Port of Colombo, Sri Lanka

Two Japanese Maritime Self Defence Force (JMSDF) ships, “Samidare DD-106” and “Umigiri DD-158”, arrived at the Port of Colombo on 12th November 2011 with the Commander, Escort Division Four, Captain Hideyuki Ooban onboard. The ships are returning from a counter piracy operation off the coast of Somalia and in the Gulf of Arden.

” Samidare DD-106″ is a destroyer with a crew of 180 personnel onboard. The ship is 151 meters in length and has a displacement of 4,550 tons. It is commanded by Commander Hiroyuki Naitoh. ” Umigiri DD-158″, a destroyer with a length of 137meters and a displacement of 3,550 tons, is commanded by Commander Masahiro Sato. Its crew comprises of 190 personnel.

These ships will remain in Sri Lanka till 16th November and their crews are scheduled to take part in a series of special programmes organized by the Sri Lanka Navy to strengthen the friendship and goodwill between the two Navies.

Source: navy, November 14, 2011