Russia: CF Receives New Project 705B Harbor Tug RB-10

CF Receives New Project 705B Harbor Tug RB-10

In accordance with state rearmament program, Caspian Flotilla (CF) received new Project 705B harbor tug RB-10 developed by JSC Vympel Design Bureau (Nizhny Novgorod) and built by Astrakhan Shipyard, affiliate of JSC Zvezdochka Ship Repair Center.

First tug of this project joined Caspian Flotilla in 2011.

RB-10 is not just another auxiliary ship received by the flotilla. This ‘river-sea’ class ship was specially designed with regard to specific nature of the Caspian Sea and estuary of the Volga River. The tug is fitted-out with newest equipment, up-to-date radio-navigation facilities, communication aids, and automatics.

Basic advantage of the ship is its improved navigability; thanks to her shallow draft (280 cm), RB-10 is capable to overcome shallow waters of the Volga River, Volga-Caspian Canal, and northern Caspian Sea. Two powerful (800 shp each) engines make her capable to tow any CF ship easily.

Harbor tug is designed for towage of vessels in littoral sea zones, bringing ships afloat, and mooring operations.

Basic characteristics of Project 705B harbor tug:

displacement – 310 tons
engine power – 1,600 shp
max speed – 12 knots
range – 700 miles

Apart of the third tug of this project, Astrakhan branch of Zvezdochka shipyard had laid down and builds Project 22870 salvage ship for Caspian Flotilla.

Main purpose of Project 22870 ship is search works; fire extinguishing of damaged ships and coastal objects; evacuation and medical care of sufferers; power supply of damaged vessels and keeping them afloat; diving operations at depths down to 60 meters; surface oil pickup.

Basic characteristics of Project 22870 salvage ship:

displacement – about 1,200 tons
draft – 3.2 meters
speed – about 14 knots

Delivery and commissioning of both vessels into Caspian Flotilla is scheduled in 2012-2013.

Naval Today Staff , November 15, 2011; Image: sdelanounas