Russian Defense Ministry to Buy Hydroplanes


Russian defense ministry plans to start procurement of hydroplanes Be-200 in 2013-2014, reports Interfax citing defense minister Anatoly Serdiukov. According to him, the ministry “clearly understands where and how to use such aircrafts”. Presently, it is planned to buy 8 hydroplanes made by the Beriev Aviation Scientific and Engineering Center (Taganrog, Russia).

Basically, Be-200 is designed for firefighting operations. The airplane is capable to carry up to 32 tons of water; max speed is 610 kph; range is up to 3,100 km. The airplane’s design makes possible to use it on ground airfields and on water with wave height up to 1.2 meters. Be-200 can be also used for troops transportation, search-and-rescue operations, and patrolling.

Meanwhile, defense ministry expects the Beriev Center to offer modernization of A-42 amphibious airplanes. “We’ll consider that offer as soon as we get it. If terms, price, and characteristics are good, we might kick off such development project”, Serdiukov said. A-42 was designed for Russian Navy on the basis of A-40. Although the aircraft was initially supposed to carry out search-and-rescue functions, now it is designed as a multirole airplane.

Naval Today Staff , November 21, 2011