Ukrainian Navy, Russian BSF Plan to Conduct Joint Humanitarian Exercise


Ukrainian Navy and Russian Black Sea Fleet (BSF) plan to conduct the Fairway of Peace 2011 joint humanitarian exercise, reported Ukrainian defense ministry.

Delegations of Ukrainian Navy and Black Sea Fleet have already started preparations for the exercise in Sevastopol. At the planning conference, participants will determine the exercise scenario, terms and required assets.

The headquarter exercise is scheduled in the second half of May 2012. The objective is to hold humanitarian operation. Such training will be held for the first time within the Fairway of Peace bilateral exercise which started in 1997.

Up to 16 warships, support vessels and boats as well as 4 aircrafts will be involved in the exercise.

In accordance with rotational basis, in 2012 the exercise will be directed by a representative of Ukrainian Navy command; he will be assisted by a BSF officer.

Naval Today Staff , November 29, 2011;