France Starts Construction of First Mistral-Class Assault Landing Ship for Russian Navy


France begins construction of the first Mistral-class assault landing ship for Russian Navy, advance has been obtained, reported RIA Novosti referring to a spokesman for the French state-led defense company DCNS.

The EUR 1.2-bln contract for construction of two French Mistral-class helicopter carriers for Russia was signed in June 2011.

“The advance was obtained several weeks ago, and works on the first ship are being started. It will be delivered in 2014, the second one – in 2015“, said the interviewee. Recall that Central Navy Portal reported on the first tranche transfer back on Nov 23.

According to the official, construction of the second ship must start in several months; both ships will be built in parallel. The source did not say whether keel-laying of the second Mistral would depend on the date of payment for the first one. Assault landing ship Mistral has displacement of 21,000 tons; length overall is 210 meters; speed is over 18 knots; operating range is up to 20,000 miles; crew is 160 men plus 450-men landing party. Air wing comprises 16 helicopters including six placed on the top deck. Expectedly, each Russian Mistral would carry eight Ka-52K and eight Ka-29 helicopters.

Naval Today Staff, December 02, 2011