Russia to Participate in Indian Navy’s Tender with Project Amur-1650

Russia to Participate in Indian Navy's Tender with Project Amur-1650

Russia will participate in the Indian Navy’s tender for non-nuclear submarines with its Project Amur-1650, said Director General of Sevmash shipyard and Rubin Design Bureau Andrei Diachkov.

“Most probably, in mid-2012 India would issue a tender for diesel submarines, and hopefully we would win it. We offer a well-balanced and quite capable sub. I’m talking of Project Amur-1650”, Diachkov said.

As for him, the submarine is armed with Club-C missile system. “It uses BrahMos missiles jointly developed by Russia and India. We propose to equip Amur-class submarines with such launching tubes”, specified the interviewee.

He said that Rubin Design Bureau had already elaborated such project. “We managed to accommodate those missiles in submarine vertically”, Diachkov said.

These submarines will be constructed by Admiralteyskie Verfi shipyard under export order by the project designed by Rubin bureau.

The new fourth-generation non-nuclear submarines will have improved performance characteristics. As a result, Amur-1650 became capable to deliver salvo launches at sea surface targets, both single and group ones.

In addition, noisiness level of the new subs has been considerably reduced comparing to subs of the previous generations; submarines will be equipped with new up-to-date radioelectronics, automated steering and combat control system, new all-mode propelling motor and long-life battery.

Surface displacement of Amur-1650-class submarines is 1,765 tons; length is 67 meters; beam is 7 meters; speed is 21 knots; test depth is 300 meters; endurance is 45 days; crew is 35 men.

Naval Today Staff, December 07, 2011; Image: admship