Rear Admiral of Russian Navy Visits State House (Seychelles )

Rear Admiral of Russian Navy Visits State House (Seychelles )

The Deputy Commander of the Main Staff of the Russian navy, Rear Admiral Vasily Lyashok, and a high level delegation were received by President James Michel at State House yesterday.

They were accompanied by the Russian Ambassador in Victoria, Mikhail Kalinin.

The visit coincides with the port of call by Russian anti-submarine warship Admiral Panteleev, which will be here until December 23.

The Rear Admiral’s talks at State House are part of coordination efforts to establish procedures for calls by warships of the Russian Federation to Port Victoria.

According to the Russian delegation, the agreement — which is expected to be finalised this week — provides favourable conditions for Russian warships to operate in the Indian Ocean as part of the international anti-piracy effort.

During the State House talks, it was noted that the Russian Federation is aware of the threat of piracy to the Seychelles and the agreement is to the mutual interest of both states. President Michel was of the same point of view.

Naval Today Staff, December 23, 2011; Image: nation