Russian Vice Premier Talks Over Navy Development in Severodvinsk

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Russian vice premier Dmitry Rogozin on Feb 2 held a meeting in Severodvinsk to discuss development prospects of Russian Navy. “We’re going to visit Sevmash and Zvezdochka yards to have serious talks over future of Russian Navy”, the vice premier told reporters.

In addition, it was planned to discuss issues of state defense order for 2012, Rogozin’s press secretary Lidya Mikhailova told RIA Novosti.

State Arms Program 2011-2020 provides about RUR 4.7 trillions for the Navy re-equipment. In the last year, RUR 85 bln was appropriated for construction of nuclear-powered submarines and frigates as well as ship repair and maintenance; in the current year – over RUR 93 bln.

As is planned, submarine force will remain Russian Navy’s key component. In the nearest years it will be replenished by two types of nuclear-powered and two types of diesel subs. Those are, first of all, Borei-class nuclear-powered strategic submarines carrying new SLBMs Bulava. It is planned to build eight of them; the lead one – SSBN Yury Dolgoruky – is passing sea trials, other three are under construction.

The Borei project was the most problematic issue for defense ministry. In pricing disputes between the military and manufacturers, only Borei-related contracts were not signed while the rest of defense order elements were contracted. Russian defense ministry agreed to sign contracts to overall amount of RUR 280 bln no earlier than in Nov 2011 in presence of premier Putin.

Another type is Yasen-class nuclear-powered attack submarine armed with fourth-generation cruise missiles. Totally, it is planned to build up to 10 such subs; the lead one – SSGN Severodvinsk – has been already launched.

In addition, Russian defense companies will deliver about 35 Project 20380 corvettes and 15 Project 22350 frigates to the Navy till 2020. Also, in the nearest years it is planned to upgrade Project 1144 heavy nuclear-powered missile cruiser Admiral Nakhimov awaiting capital repairs at Sevmash shipyard since 1999.

Naval Today Staff , February 03, 2012

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