SLBM Bulava to Join Russian Navy in 2012, Vice Premier Says

SLBM Bulava to Join Russian Navy in 2012, Vice Premier Says

Submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) Bulava will be commissioned into Russian Navy in the current year, said Russian Vice Premier Dmitry Rogozin.

“Maritime nuclear system consisting of Project 955 strategic submarine and Bulava missile system will join Russian Navy in this year”, said Rogozin addressing the parliamentary session, reports Interfax.

He mentioned difficulties emerged during the work on the Bulava project. “We had to overcome two waves of economic crisis and technological problems. In spite of that, the situation was normalized thanks to measures taken by the government”, Rogozin said.

R30 3M30 Bulava (in international treaties – RSM-56, on NATO classification – SS-NX-30) is newest Russian three-stage solid-propellant missile which is to become basic weapon of Borei-class prospective nuclear-powered strategic submarines.

The missile is capable to carry up to 10 hypersonic independently-targetable maneuvering nuclear re-entry vehicles hitting targets at range up to 8,000 km. SLBM Bulava will constitute the core of Russia’s maritime strategic nuclear force until 2040-2045.

Project 955 Borei nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine SSBN Yury Dolgoruky was launched in March 2007 and is planned to join Pacific Fleet.

Sevmash shipyard (Severodvinsk, Russia) builds other Project 955 subs similar to Yury Dolgoruky. They are SSBN Alexander Nevsky (already launched) and SSBN Vladimir Monomakh. It is also planned to build fourth sub of the project – SSBN Svyatitel Nikolai. All mentioned submarines will be armed with Bulava ballistic missiles. Totally, according to the state arms procurement program, it is expected to construct eight Borei-class subs till 2017.

Naval Today Staff , March 01, 2012; Image: military