Russian NF Mariners Use New Armor Vests


Outfit of Northern Fleet (NF) marines serving in reinforcement units on board surface ships now includes new armor vests. Specific feature of the new individual protection means lies in the fact that, apart from protective functions, they may serve as lifejackets.

Floating armor vest is a new-generation personal protection equipment integrating several functions. It is equipped with a special rescue system. When a serviceman wearing such vest falls into water, the system automatically fills special sections with gas providing face-up position. The vest’s pneumatic system has positive buoyancy of 25 kg making possible to hold an armed serviceman afloat.

“Advanced ergonomics allows marines to effectively use that protection vest in search operations onboard vessels suspected of illegal activities and during anti-piracy operations“, said NF Coast Defense Troops Commander Colonel Andrei Guschin.

At present, NF Marine Regiment has already received required number of floating armor vests for units serving on board surface ships during long-range cruises and anti-piracy missions in the Gulf of Aden.

Naval Today Staff , March 08, 2012