Russian Naval Bases to Get GLONASS Equipment


Naval surveyors of Caspian Flotilla (CF) are mastering GLONASS satellite navigation systems, press secretary of Southern Military District Col Igor Gorbul told ITAR-TASS.

“Federal purpose-oriented program Global Navigation Satellite System provides deployment of over 30 GLONASS stations in Russian Navy’s basing sites, including those in the Caspian Sea. One of such stations located at Sulaksky Lighthouse in Dagestan is an asset of CF Hydrographic Service”, he said.

“Despite the station is under experimental operation, a number of its absolute advantages has been already proved”, pointed out Gorbul. According to him, the GLONASS station identifies positions of surface warships and civil vessels to accuracy of about 10 meters which makes waterspace control easier and speeds up rendering assistance in case of contingency. Although the station’s range is about 300 km, consistent signal was detected even at 450 km.

“Presently, consistent reception of navigation coordinates is being held at the range of 300 km which makes possible to cover northern and central parts of the Caspian Sea and effectively accomplish combat and daily tasks of the flotilla’s task units and auxiliary ships”, emphasized Gorbul.

Naval Today Staff , March 13, 2012;