Submariners’ Club to Celebrate 106-th Anniversary of Russian Submarine Fleet

Submariners' Club to Celebrate 106-th Anniversary of Russian Submarine Fleet

St. Petersburg Submariners’ Club on March 24 will hold a festive evening associated with 106-th anniversary of Russian submarine fleet. The solemn event will take place in Bering Restaurant of the Saint Petersburg Hotel at 5 pm.

Recall that the club celebrated previous anniversary in Peter the Great Naval College. In 2011, there were 358 guests. Among honorable guests were 30 members of Submarine Veterans Council, admirals Maksimov, Sukhachev, Loikkanen, Smelkov, Yeryomin, Poroshin, Dronov, Chernavin, Ivanov, consul generals of Sweden and Finland in St. Petersburg, and secretary of Moscow Association of Military Attachés.

The Submariner’s Day is celebrated in Russia on March 19. In accordance to Decree of Russian Emperor Nicholas II issued in 1906, submarines were a new category to enter the classification of warships. By the same decree, 10 submarines were put into Russian Navy’s service. First of them – Delfin – was built by Baltiysky Zavod shipyard in 1904.

St. Petersburg Submariners’ Club was established on Nov 25, 1994 on the initiative of several retired submariners of Northern Fleet 3-rd Submarine Flotilla as an independent, non-commercial, and voluntary association. Primary target of the Club was social assistance to acting and retired naval officers and their families. Through its history, the Club has become an international organization and expanded area of activity. Presently, the Club comprises over 2,000 members from Russia, CIS, and 25 foreign countries.

Naval Today Staff , March 14, 2012; Image: submarinersclub