Russian Defense Ministry Purchases 140 Attack Helicopters Ka-52 Alligator


In 2011, Russian defense ministry tied a number of long-term aircraft procurement contracts; under one of them, the ministry purchased 140 attack helicopters Ka-52 Alligator, director of Oboronprom corporation Andrei Reus told Kommersant. Reus did not specify details of the contract only saying that “conditions were acceptable”.

It’s long relations what was important for us, since five- or seven-year long contract at the same time gives the opportunity to sign long-term contracts with supplying and assembling organizations. This is absolutely different economic model because it implies clear price formula. And when the price is clear, you can sustain it”, said the director of Oboronprom.

Presently, the corporation and defense ministry jointly prepare several agreements on helicopter and engine manufacturing matters; by the way, the emphasis is placed on long terms of contracts. “This year, our joint work goes on well faster than in the past one. Now we’re discussing supplementary agreement on Mi-35“, pointed out Reus.

Helicopters for Russian Armed Forces are produced by JSC Russian Helicopters. Reportedly, the company was to deliver about 1,000 helicopters to the Russian military under the State Arms Program 2011-2020. Among them are Ka-52, Mi-28N Night Hunter, Ka-226, Ansat, Mi-35, Mi-26T2 etc.

As was reported early March 2012, Air Force and Air Defense base (Southern Military District, Krasnodar region) will receive a parcel of Ka-52 helicopters. Pilots are currently trained in Aviation Retraining Center (Torzhok, Tver region). One year ago, the Krasnodar air base received Mi-28N and Mi-8AMTSh helicopters.

Naval Today Staff , March 15, 2012;