Russia: USC, JSC Rosnano Agree on Cooperation


Plan of cooperation between the Russia’s largest shipbuilding company JSC United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) and investment company responsible for competitive nano-technological industry JSC Rosnano was approved on March 15 at the meeting with participation of Anatoly Chubais and Roman Trotsenko. The parties formed joint working group consisting of Rosnano‘s project managers, experts of innovation block, and chief designers of USC design bureaus.

In the nearest two months the group will determine common technical requirements to nano products for shipbuilding and work out possibility to implement Rosnano projects at USC shipyards.

One of the top-priority lines of cooperation is introducing of carbon fiber materials, solar and lithium-ion batteries with potential use of super-condensers, different nano coatings, electrochemical cells, and various kinds of special rubbers.

JSC United Shipbuilding Corporation is a largest shipbuilding company in Russia. It was established in 2007 with 100% shares in federal ownership. The holding comprises over 50 shipbuilding enterprises and organizations (core national shipyards and leading design bureaus). Russian market is a top priority for the state-led corporation, although it exports production to 20 foreign countries.

JSC Rosnano was established in March 2011 by re-organization of state-led Russian Nanotechnology Corporation. JSC Rosnano implements governmental policy on development of nano industry acting as co-investor for nanotechnological projects with considerable economic or social potentials. 100% of Rosnano shares are in state ownership. Anatoly Chubais was appointed the company’s president.

Tasks of the former Russian Nanotechnology Corporation on creation of nanotechnological infrastructure and implementation of education programs are currently executed by the Foundation for Infrastructural and Education Programs also established during restructuring of the state corporation.

Naval Today Staff , March 23, 2012;