Russian-Indian Subs to Get AIP?

Russian-Indian Subs to Get AIP?

Air-independent powerplant (AIP) passing trials in Russia can be mounted not only on exported Project Amur-1650 submarines but on prospective subs co-produced by Russia and India, said Viktor Komardin heading the Rosoboronexport delegation at the Defexpo India 2012 exhibition.

Project Amur-1650 submarine powered by air-independent plant takes part in the $11.8-bln Indian tender for six conventional subs along with Scorpene (France), Type-214 (Germany), and S-80 (Spain). The tender was issued in Sept 2011.

“Presently, Russia is completing trials of crucially new air-independent powerplant which can be mounted not only on Project Amur-1650 subs but on jointly designed submarines. This is critical requirement of Indian partners. So, the prospects are bright”, Komardin told RIA Novosti. He reminded that Rosoboronexport had offered India a newest Project Amur-1650 submarine analogous to that commissioned into Russian Navy in 2010. Her well-balanced armament includes antiship missiles and multiple-purpose torpedoes. Amur-1650 is capable to destroy land-based targets by salvo launch of cruise missiles. “Russia is the only country to produce missiles that India wants”, emphasized Komardin.

Russian Project 667E Amur-1650 non-nuclear submarine has good chance to win the tender thanks to unique performance characteristics such as submergence duration (over 25 days with prospective AIP) and longer underwater detection range. Submergence duration of foreign analogs is 15-20 days.

Russian prototype of Amur-1650 is Project 677 Lada non-nuclear submarine. Lead sub St. Petersburg was commissioned in 2010.

Earlier on, Russian Navy Commander-in-Chief ADM Vladimir Vysotsky told RIA Novosti that first Russian conventional submarine powered by air-independent plant could be created in 2014 on the basis of Project 677. Two subs of this project have been laid down at Admiralteyskie Verfi shipyard; it is planned to mount AIP on them. Development of the air-independent plant is conducted ahead of schedule by Rubin Central Design Bureau.

Defexpo India 2012 exhibition will take place in Delhi since March 29 till Apr 1.

Naval Today Staff , March 29, 2012; Image: admship