Russia: Navy to Receive Modular Ships in Prospect

Navy to Receive Modular Ships in Prospect

In the 30-year prospect, Russian Navy will receive modular ships capable to transform from one type to another within short period of time, Russian vice premier Dmitry Rogozin told The National Defense magazine.

Rogozin explained that “such modules will be easily transformed and adapted for certain combat tasks, if needed”.

From the viewpoint of Russian Navy development, one should turn attention to Arctic and “Russia’s northern and northwestern water zone in general”, added the vice premier.

According to him, if NATO deploys missile defense systems in Arctic region, Russia should disbelieve diplomatic security guarantees.

Rogozin stressed that “our main security blanket is military and technical capability to prevent any political and diplomatic surprise”, reports RIA Novosti.

Naval Today Staff , April 04, 2012; Image: publika