Ships of BS Naval Cooperation Task Group Arrive in Sevastopol, Ukraine


Ships of Black Sea Naval Cooperation Task Group (BLACKSEAFOR) on Apr 13 arrived in Sevastopol.

Leaving Romanian Constanta, crew of the BLACKSEAFOR flagship – Russia’s Black Sea Fleet (BSF) large landing ship Caesar Kunikov – paid military honors to destroyer leader Moskva perished off Romania in 1941 during the Great Patriotic War. Traditional wreath was laid on the water.

After that, the BLACKSEAFOR ships entered upon training tasks at sea. In the central part of the Black Sea, they held drills in commercial shipping control, air and sea surface situation monitoring, repelling attacks of ships and a small-size fast-speed target, nuclear/biological/chemical protection drills. Participants assisted and towed a “distressed” ship, practiced underway transshipment and joint maneuvering in formation.

The task group left Sevastopol on Apr 16.

Source: Russian Navy, April 18, 2012;