CF Task Unit Prepares for Deployment

CF Task Unit Prepares for Deployment

Caspian Flotilla (CF) task unit consisting of corvette (small-size gunnery ship) Astrakhan and attached supply vessels completes preparation for a deployment to the Caspian Sea.

Basic purpose of the deployment is demonstration of Russian naval ensign and maintaining of Russia’s naval presence in key regions of the Caspian Sea.

Among other tasks is protection of Russian commercial shipping and oil industrial assets in the Caspian Sea from potential threats, as well as control of hydrocarbon production and fisheries. Preparing for deployment, crews are conducting damage control drills, improve antiaircraft warfare skills, and practice gun firing.

In addition, the ships jointly with naval aviation will practice targeting and destruction of a sea surface target.

Crews of the task unit will cover over 1,500 miles, which needs maximum vigilance, endurance, skillful and accident-free operation of all shipboard systems.


Source: Russian Navy, April 19, 2012; Image: mil