UK: Royal Navy Opens New Vocational Qualification Centre

Royal Navy Opens New Vocational Qualification Centre

Major General Ramsay is the son of the late Admiral Sir Bertram Ramsay, best known for his roles in organising Operation Dynamo, the evacuation from Dunkirk in 1940, and for planning the naval part of the D-Day landings, Operation Neptune, in 1944.

On opening the building Major General Ramsay said “It has been an enormous honour to be here to launch this building.  Ramsay Building has a wonderful atmosphere and great facilities and must become a valuable part of the establishment.  It’s brilliant to see so many historic photographs, I wish good fortune to you all.”

Commodore Mike Mansergh, Commanding Officer of HMS Collingwood said “It was a huge privilege to have General Ramsay here today.  This is a wonderful building to inspire our youngsters in developing themselves in the ethos that Admiral Ramsay believed in.”

Leading Seaman Keith Johnson of Victory Squadron, HMS Collingwood read an address on Admiral Ramsay at the opening, he said “It was an honour and a privilege to read the address about Admiral Ramsay’s history.”

Peter Longhurst, 85, member of the Worthing Royal Naval Association and one of the veterans invited to attend the opening said “This facility is fantastic.  If I had my time again I would definitely join again.  In fact I might have a word before I leave!”

Following the unveiling of the plaque by General Ramsay the visitors were escorted on a tour of the facility and received briefs on the services offered.

The building, which represents the culmination of many years of effort and the Royal Navy’s significant investment in preparing trainees for their long and varied careers in the Service, has been funded by the Apprenticeship Programme which draws down circa £7m pa of Skills Funding Agency (SFA) Funds in recognition of the achievements of the RN in up-skilling personnel across a spectrum of key and functional skills.

As the home of the Royal Navy Apprenticeship Programme, the facility not only has a key role in not only seeking accreditation of core Royal Navy training from Nationally Recognised awards, it provides a welcoming and conveniently located learning environment to support the Government’s initiative to improve the nation’s Literacy, Numeracy and ICT skills through delivery of the Functional Skills agenda.

In addition, Ramsay building is home to the HMS Collingwood Education and Resettlement Centre and dedicated Coaching for Training Network, both of which exist to unlock the inner-potential that resides within all sailors and prepare them for the eventual transition back to civilian life.

The facility is open at weekends and evenings to allow trainees access to all manner of learning technologies and materials, from the extensive traditional library facility through to the large touch screen LCD monitors and their interactive learning content, to support their professional and personal development.

Construction of Ramsay Building commenced on 20 Sep 10 and was completed on 30 Nov 11. The MOD client was the Royal Naval Infrastructure Organisation who acted as project sponsors. The contract was delivered through a partnering arrangement between the RN and VT Flagship (now part of Babcock International Group).

VT Flagship managed the contract, supported by a design team led by the architects Ingenium Archial with WSP Consultancy providing the engineering services, Mansell construction were the principal contractor and Babcock IT managed the design and installation of the IT systems. The overall cost of the project including studies, design and construction was £7.25M.

The photographs show Major General Ramsay addressing the guests at the opening with his father Admiral Ramsay in the background; unveiling the plaque with Commodore Mansergh (left); meeting Victory Squadron trainees; cutting the cake with his wife Mary and the visiting veterans.

Naval Today Staff , May 04, 2012; Image: royalnavy