USS Theodore Roosevelt Begins CMA Process


USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) began the first phase of the ship’s crew move aboard (CMA) process May 21 after nearly three years in refueling complex overhaul (RCOH) and marks a major step for the crew as they inherit the ship to start living, training and operating onboard.

CMA, which marks a major milestone for the crew as the ship enters its final year of RCOH, is a four-month process where supplies, equipment, workstations and some crew members will gradually move onto the ship.

Team Theodore Roosevelt has put forth outstanding effort and dedication towards getting ready for the Crew Move Aboard process,” said TR Commanding Officer Capt. Billy Hart. “RCOH is one of the world’s most complex industrial jobs, and deckplate by deckplate, we’re taking back the ship so our Sailors can live, train and operate aboard to return TR to the fleet.”

During the first phase of CMA, supplies such as mattresses, new damage control equipment, computers and communication equipment will be moved aboard. The duty section will also be able to use berthing areas on the ship and various departments will begin moving and working aboard the ship as well.

“I think we are doing great as far as getting spaces ready,” said Cmdr. Chad Hixson, strike operations officer and CMA coordinator. “Spaces that are groomed and ready to be lived in look great.”

The second phase, ‘eat aboard’, scheduled for June, will feature the ship’s galley opening to serve meals to the crew onboard the ship.

CMA is scheduled to end in September after the third phase, ‘work aboard’, where all departments will be expected to be operating on the ship, is complete.

“CMA is about us taking back our house and getting back onto our turf,” said Hixson. “It’s about ownership. This is our home. This is what it’s all about.”

Naval Today Staff , May 23, 2012