USA: NCA Symposium Announced

NCA Symposium Announced

Registration is underway for the 24th Annual Navy Counselors Association (NCA) Professional Development and Training Symposium scheduled Sept. 24-27 in Memphis, Tenn.

The NCA’s annual symposium provides a forum where Navy leadership can communicate directly to the largest gathering of the Navy counselor (NC) and career counselor community.

This year’s theme is “Ready Today through Relevant and Capable Training.”

“The symposium provides an opportunity to discuss a broad range of career issues and concerns, allows members to address and work toward innovative solutions to current and future retention, attrition and career development initiatives,” said Master Chief Navy Counselor (AW) Jermaine Rawls, NCA president.

“The Navy Counselors Association is dedicated to the continued support of education and professional development of career counselors, command master chiefs, Navy recruiters, recruit division commanders, and all other personnel who aid in the professional development of Sailors past and present,” added Rawls.

Participants will receive training on the latest changes in enlisted detailing policies and Career Management System-Interactive Detailing, Perform to Serve, Fleet Ride and conducting and documenting career development boards for Sailors.

“There have been several changes to these programs in the past year, so the symposium is an ideal location for the policymakers to talk with career counselors so we can ensure we are all in step helping Sailors make informed career decisions,” said Rawls.

Breakout sessions include Enlisted Community Health, Command Master Chief and Command Career Counselor Relationships, Career Information Program Review, Career Counselor Tools, Commanding Officer Monthly Reports, and Educational Opportunities.

Additionally, Navy will conduct a focus group to help policy makers gather fleet input on upcoming changes to personnel programs. Counselors will assist with specific topic discussions and their input will be used to develop and enhance Navy policy. The objective of this focus group is to ensure the career counselors are provided an opportunity to candidly discuss changes and the impact on the fleet.

The symposium has grown throughout the years into an extension of the career counselor training pipeline for more than 760 active duty and Reserve Navy counselors and countless collateral duty command career counselors who can come for training on career development programs and policies that are centered on force management in both the active and Reserve components of the Navy.

“The NCA’s goal is to support, develop, encourage, foster and promote career counselors in their efforts to obtain, train, and retain quality Sailors,” said Rawls.

Last year’s symposium featured approximately 1,000 participants from throughout the fleet.

According to NAVADMIN 178/12, commanding officers are authorized to support attendance and may issue temporary additional duty orders at government expense after determining there is a legitimate federal government purpose and the objectives to be achieved justify the expense.

Naval Today Staff, June 6, 2012; Image: US Navy