Kongsberg inks development contract for supersonic strike missile

Norwegian company Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace has signed a contract with the Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency (NDMA) for the initial development phase of the new German-Norwegian missile system supersonic strike missile (3SM).

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace

As informed, the supersonic strike missile is the next-generation missile system, set to be deployed on future vessels from 2035.

Kongsberg and Norway have earlier collaborated on the development of advanced missile systems.

The new system is expected to help maintain and further develop existing knowledge of missile technology. The contract value for the first development phase is up to 1.5 billion NOK ($142 million).

“The 3SM missile project demonstrates how cross-border and industrial collaboration contributes to strengthening the defence capabilities of Norway, Germany and allied countries,” said Eirik Lie, President of Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace.

“Close cooperation between industry, authorities, and research institutions forms the foundation for innovation and new workplaces, while we maintain our position as a world-leading missile manufacturer.”

“Norway has a long history of developing advanced missile systems, and it is important that we maintain and further develop the existing expertise and position that Norway holds within missile technology,” stated Gro Jære, Director of the Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency (NDMA).

“Establishing Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace as a new contract partner and industry leader is a crucial step in developing a powerful new weapon system for engaging maritime targets. KONGSBERG has extensive and significant experience in this field.”

The new supersonic missile is a collaborative German-Norwegian development project, where Norway is the leading nation.

According to Kongsberg, the anti-ship missile will help safeguard sovereignty and territorial integrity by enhancing the Armed Forces’ deterrence capability and improving the ability to engage long-range targets.

The missile system is intended for deployment on both Norwegian and German naval vessels. Additionally, it is being designed for potential use by other NATO countries and close allies.

Kongsberg and Norway developed the naval strike missile (NSM) in the 2000s.

This missile system has been adopted by 13 countries, including Norway, Germany, and the USA. When the 3SM is deployed in the mid-2030s, it will serve as a complement to the NSM.

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