UK: Commanding Officer of HMS Montrose to Visit Montrose

Commanding Officer of HMS Montrose to Visit Montrose

Commander Jonathan Lett Royal Navy will visit Montrose from 26 – 29 June 2012 for the last time in his role of the Commanding Officer of the warship HMS Montrose.

During his time in the region of the town he will call on both the Lord Lieutenant of Angus (Mrs Georgina Osborne) and the Provost for Angus County (Helen Oswald).

In addition, Commander Lett will also visit the following local organisations:

a. Angus Riding for the Disabled

b. Montrose Rotary Club

c. Dorward House

d. Rosemount Primary School

e. Montrose Academy

f. Montrose Port Authority

g. Queen Victoria School in Dunblane

HMS Montrose has enjoyed a very close relationship with all of its affiliated organisations over the years since she was first commissioned. These include military units from both of her sister services, including 3 Battalion, the Royal Regiment of Scotland (formerly known as the Black Watch) and 29 Commando Royal Artillery, as well as other civic units.

This visit is particularly pertinent as the Ship has just returned from a six and a half month deployment to the South Atlantic. During her absence the Ship maintained contact with all these affiliations with a series of letters and postcards so that those back home in Scotland could follow her progress. In return she received many letters and cards of encouragement from those who clearly take an interest in their affiliated ship, the letters and cards from the children of Rosemount Primary School being a particular highlight.

During his visits to Dorward House and Angus Riding for the Disabled, Commander Lett will present cheques on behalf of the Ship’s Company. These donations are a result of the charity money raised on board the Ship during her deployment. Activities undertaken to raise the money included a beard growing competition, penguin racing, an auction and sponsored fitness tests. In addition, the Ship’s Company donated any loose change they had left over from each foreign port visit.

The visit to Queen Victoria School in Dunblane is to take part in the Grand Day Parade. Held each year at this time it will be Commander Lett’s third parade at the school having previously attended the Grand Day Parade in 2010 and the Trafalgar Day Parade in 2011.

On his previous visit to Montrose Commander Lett donated a model of the Ship to the Montrose Museum. This has proved to be a great success and reinforces the regions links with HMS MONTROSE. As this is his last visit in his present capacity, Commander Lett said

“I have enjoyed an extremely good relationship with the town of Montrose, as have all the commanding officers who preceded me. It is very sad to visit those organisations, with whom I have felt so close, for the last time, but I know that the future of these affiliations is in good hands with my successor and I am proud of the links that the Ship has forged with the town and her inhabitants over the years.

“I would like to express my thanks to all those people who have, over the last 3 years, made myself and my Ship’s Company feel so welcome whenever we have visited.”

Naval Today Staff, June 26, 2012; Image: Royal Navy