USS Theodore Roosevelt Kicks Off Chief Induction Season

USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) kicked off the chief induction season Aug. 6, with a vigorous 6-week process that will turn the ship’s 26 selectees into chief petty officers.

Induction starts off with one week of mandatory classroom time followed by a voluntary five weeks of PT, leadership challenges, mentorship, and fundraising activities, which are all key steps leading the selectees to a final goal of becoming a polished and well-prepared chief.

You really don’t see a lot of chief selects who don’t want to do the voluntary part of the induction – it’s a time-honored tradition in the Navy,” said Senior Chief Aviation Boatswain’s Mate (Equipment) (AW/SW) Fredrick Hardy, chairperson for the TR CPO Induction Season.

Fundraising is an important part of the induction. The Selectees will participate in different events throughout the season from BBQs to car washes.

“Fundraising is not just for raising money, it’s also an opportunity for the new selectees to get out and interact with other members of the command in a more relaxed environment,” said Hardy. “All proceeds go toward different events for the season.”

According to Chief (select) Aviation Electrician (AW/SW) Troy Clark, the selectees will gain a new perspective on the chief’s mess and how they function as a team.

“Induction has been eye-opening. It’s been very positive,” said Clark. “I hope to learn how to be a better leader, and how to motivate my Sailors to reach their goals – just as I reached mine.”

As the Selectees go on this humbling journey of becoming better leaders, they are also accomplishing a major career goal. These crew members have proved their worth through many years of quality work and dedication.

“It was a personal milestone [making chief] that was set by me and my first chief, Chief Aviation Ordnanceman Sly Fraiser, who was also the one to pin on my anchors,” said Chief Aviation Orndnanceman (AW/SW) Robert Eidson. “The most valuable lesson that I took away from the experience was humility. I learned how to be humble and how important it is to take care of everyone and not just myself.”

Naval Today Staff, August 9, 2012