Assistant Secretary of U.S. Navy Kicks Off Tour to Japan

Assistant Secretary of U.S. Navy Kicks Off Tour to Japan

Assistant Secretary of the Navy (ASN)(Manpower and Reserve Affairs), Honorable Juan M. Garcia III, kicked off a tour to the region Japan U.S. military installations with a visit to Commander, Fleet Activities Yokosuka (CFAY) Aug. 27.

During his tour of the region, Garcia is scheduled to visit a total of five region Japan area installations including CFAY, Commander, Fleet Activities Sasebo, Naval Air Facility Atsugi, Marine Corps Air Station Futenma and Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni.

“We’re here visiting the region for three reasons,” said Garcia. “First, in a time of enormous change in the Navy and Marine Corps which includes a new budget, a new national defense strategy and significant personnel policy changes, we need to address some possible misperceptions, give you the ground truth as we know it, and hopefully alleviate some anxiety.”

Garcia held an all hands call at CFAY where he highlighted the “21st Century Sailor and Marine”, a new initiative rolled out by the Secretary of the Navy and senior leaders, which is designed to maximize the personal readiness of Sailors and Marines in order to sharpen the effectiveness of combat forces.

“We know that the new national defense strategy which includes a rebalance to the Pacific is a sea service strategy,” said Garcia. “It’s about the Navy and Marine Corps, and most importantly the great folks that are out here on the tip of the spear. We want to make certain that they have the tools needed to excel and that’s what the 21st Century Sailor and Marine is all about.”

During the all hands call, Sailors and Marines had the opportunity to ask Garcia questions and address their concerns regarding recent personnel policies.

“I was impressed by Assistant Secretary of the Navy Garcia’s responses to our questions. He spoke about a lot of good information regarding the new initiatives,” said Master-at-Arms 1st Class Theodore Mitchell. “It makes Sailors feel good that he’s taken the time to come and speak to us about our concerns. He didn’t just talk around the subjects; he addressed them right at our level.”

The position of ASN is to act on matters that affect manpower and personnel policy within the Department of the Navy. His duties include issues that affect active duty and reserve Sailors, Marines, and Department of the Navy civilians.

Naval Today Staff, August 28, 2012; Image: Navy