Russia: Navy Veterans Ask Putin to Reconstruct Cruiser Avrora

Navy Veterans Ask Putin to Reconstruct Cruiser Avrora

St. Petersburg Submariners’ Club and veterans of the Navy asked Russian president Vladimir Putin to reconstruct and mount engines in the museum cruiser Avrora. Putin re-addressed the letter to defense minister Anatoly Serdiukov, reports Izvestiya newspaper.

The legendary cruiser could be used not only as a museum but as a training ship, too. Although the ship is used only by tourists now and her condition is very bad, Avrora is still afloat. According to veterans, it is very easy to save the cruiser simply by making her a presidential ship.

Chairman of the submariners’ club, ex-commander of SSBN Yekaterinburg Igor Kurdin is sure that the ship may sink unless proper steps are taken. The officer complains that cruiser Avrora is treated only like a museum and believed to be mounted on concrete. According to Kurdin, it is a mistake because Avrora has always been afloat and is still an active ship, although in a low condition.

As for the officer, when not involved in official activities, Avrora can be used as a training ship for sailors and midshipmen. “But for that, the ship must be recommissioned into the Navy“, Kudrin stressed.

Veterans of the Navy say the Naval Museum has neither money nor possibility to maintain the ship in acceptable condition, because only military servicemen are capable to provide full-fledged maintenance.

Recall that Russian Navy Commander-in-Chief Admiral Viktor Chirkov said that cruiser Avrora would remain within the Naval Museum. There is a crew on board Avrora which services the cruiser and keeps things in order, Chirkov said.

On July 23, locals of St. Petersburg were shocked when saw water being pumped out of the ship. Allegedly, that made Avrora lurching. There was a fountain playing on the deck, and water flowed down the board. Later on, press service of Western Military District reported about scheduled monthly bilge works on the ship; liquid is normally pumped from tanks of one board to another. As for the military, information about the ship’s lurch is incorrect.

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